Project Description

Key Features

• Very geed sliding preperies • Anti-adhesive
• Very good UV resisitance • Very good electrical insulation
• Gamma radiation sensitive • Non-melting
• Extremely good chemical resisitance  


PTFE rod is generally used as machining stock for all kinds of chemical,electrical and mechanical components where the outstanding performance characteristics of PTFE are required. Various fillers are available to modify the properties of PTFE to Meet application requirements

Note:All rods can be etched for bonding, and can be mounted on a plywood disk for less waste in machining. Also can be made with filled (reinforced) PTFE to enhafice the per- Fiber, Gaphit, Bronze we can do.

PTFE Rod Style

• Extruded PTFE Rod

• Molded PTFE Rod

• Graphit Filled PTFE Rod

• Carbon Filled PTFE Rod

PTFE Rod size

• Extruded: Dia.3mm up to 250mm

• Molded: Dia 10 mm up to 400mm

• Note: Any other color or size we can also supply

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