Advantages of Rubber Gaskets

A gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression.

Gaskets perform an important role in the prevention of fluid leakage from pipes and equipment parts, in a wide range of fields such as petroleum refining, chemical industry, shipping, construction, electric power, and steelmaking. ARS pursues the satisfaction of the customer using its sophisticated “Insulation and Protection” technology.


Chemical Compatibility :

Air, 200 – 300 °F – Silicone

Beer – EPDM

Chlorine Water – Viton (FKM)

Gasoline – Buna-N or Viton (FKM)

Hydraulic Oil (Petroleum Base, Industrial) – Buna-N

Hydraulic Oils (Synthetic Base) – Viton

Water – EPDM

Motor Oils – Buna-N

Test Criteria


Given Values
Test Method
Base elastomer IR



DIN 5145 1
ISO 1183-1 (A)
ISO 761901/ISO 48 M
Compression Set

NBR 24h bei +100’C in Umluft
FKM/ FVMQ 24h bei +100’C in Umluft

max 30%
max 30%
ISO 815-1 Method
Ageing at warm air
NBR  168h bei +100’C in Umluft
FKM/ FVMQ  168h bei +150’C in Umluft
Change of hardness
shA/IRHD-m NBR 0  +12
FKM 0  +5
FVMQ 0  +5
ISO 188
Diesel Resistance

72+/- 2 h bei(+60+/-2) ‘C
Change of hardness

Change of volume%



NBR -12  0
FKM/ FVMQ -5  0
NBR 0  +20
FKM/FVMQ 0  +8
ISO 1817
Test Diesel Liquid F
Biodiesel Resistance

72+/- 2 h bei(+85+/-2) ‘C
Change of hardness
Change of volume%



NBR -10  0
FKM/ FVMQ -5  0
NBR  0  +15
FKM/FVMQ  0  +8
ISO 1817
Test Diesel RME
to DIN EN 14214
Cold temperature Standard
Tr  ‘C NBR   max -32
FKM   max -18
FVMQ  max -45
DIN 5376-A-10


■ Storing gaskets

Store gaskets in a clean, cool and dark room. If they are stored in a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight, ozone, high tempera- ture, high humidity, or a corrosive environment, the materials of the gaskets will deteriorate.

Store gaskets horizontally on shelves, leaving them packed in order to prevent lodgment of dirt, and so on. Also, place a cushioning sheet between the gaskets.

Do not suspend a gasket from a hook, or store it with a heavy object placed on it, because this may cause the gasket to break.

■ Handling gaskets

When handling a gasket, avoid the following behavior because this will lead to deformation or deterioration of the sealing per- formance.

・ Do not throw a gasket, tread on it, pull it, bend it, fold it, rub two gas- kets together, hold a large diam- eter gasket in one hand, or shake a gasket while holding it.

■ Disposing of gaskets

Dispose of used gaskets and scraps generated by shaping them in a dedicated disposal container and store and dispose of them separately from other items.

When disposing of such items, observe the related laws and regulations in your area. Do not incinerate these items. Note, however, that they can be incin- erated using incinerating facili- ties that have suitable treatment equipment.